Houseplant of the Month: Anthuriums

Anthurium Care Family: Araceae Common Name: Flamingo Flower, Tail Flower, Painted Tongue Plant Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum Here’s a little secret: the beautiful heart-shaped “flowers” are not flowers! What makes these durable, easy-care houseplants so appealing are red, white, pink, or purple waxy leaves called spathes that flare from the base of the fleshy spike […]


Watch this site for future events.   PLUS, #FIDOFRIDAY EVERY FRIDAY! Bring your dog(s) with you to shop every Friday! Please keep them on the leash. Snap a photo in the greenhouse and tag us on social media so we can repost!   Check back soon for upcoming events! Email us if you have an […]

September Brings Cooler Weather and Incredible Fall Shrubs!

On last week’s podcast, Len and Julio talk about the upcoming harvest season. Ornamental berries on shrubs are a simple way to spice up your garden and yard. Pyracanth Firethorn is a hardy evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub that delights with abundant white blooms backed by dark, glossy foliage in the Spring and pumpkin-orange berries in […]

Fall is For Planting

Many folks are surprised to learn that autumn runs a close second to spring as an ideal planting time, but it’s true: cool temperatures, reliable rainfall, and short, bright days help plants make a quick and easy transition to your landscape. Despite the cold weather lurking around the corner, the entire first half of autumn […]

Perennial of the Month: Aster

Asters are daisy-like perennials with starry-shaped flower heads. They bring delightful color to the garden in late summer and autumn when many of your other summer blooms may be fading. There are many species and varieties of asters, so the plant’s height can range from 8 inches to 8 feet, depending on the type.  The plant can […]

Poinsettia Plant Care Tips

Holiday Poinsettia Plant Care Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. During the holidays, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture. Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly, taking care not to drown them by ensuring adequate drainage is available. Likewise, avoid […]

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