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Think you don’t have a “green thumb?”  With the right products everyone can have a beautiful lawn and garden.  Great lawns and gardens is a lifelong pursuit and is never mastered only trialed.  With advances in seed, fertilizer and pesticides your yard is an ever evolving project.  Don’t waste your money buying from stores whose biggest success is the bottom line.  Here at Bloomers we have been providing assistance and knowledge for 28 years.  Our success is measured one blade of grass at a time.

Bloomers is a “Disciple of Dirt”, changing it from something you sweep under the rug to soil you can grow something in that stirs the soul.  We sell a full range of products for weed control, disease problems and insect pests.  We stock a full line of organic products to treat whatever ails your lawn.  We treat each lawn as an individual, one step at a time.  Our wide variety of grass seed will ensure you find the product right for you.  Bloomers carries “Step Products” simplifying the process of annual lawn maintenance from crabgrass control, to weed control to fertilizer.  Don’t forget mulch.  Our mulch products come in a variety of colors providing a protective cover over your soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, provide nutrients and suppress weed growth and seed germination.  Mulch mimics leaf cover found on forest floors.

Bloomers has available for rent or purchase, a full line of lawn and garden equipment.  We carry thatchers, aerators, lawn vacuums, power rakes, tillers and power seeders.  Make that do it yourself project easier with the help of these handy tools.  Rent it by the half or full day at an affordable rate.  Call today to schedule your rental.

Bloomers has a complete line of organic solutions

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