Meet Our Staff

Len Schroeder

Len first opened the doors to Bloomers’ with his wife Debbie at only 24 year’s old back in 1988. Coming from a long line of horticulturalists, Len is filled to the brim with information on all your gardening needs. Throughout the years, he raised his three children with passion for the horticultural world, reminding all of us to pursue what you love in life. Now, he is the Co-Host along with Julio Zamora for our garden radio show, Bloomers in the Garden, providing a broadcast rage to 6 million residents around the greater Delaware Valley area. Tune in for expert gardening advice! If the day ever ends for Len, he relaxes by watching and rediscovering classic movies. 


Sandy is a New Jersey Certified Master Gardener, Sandy is the one everyone goes to, both inside Bloomers and in her own life. With over 15 years of experience here at Bloomers’ her knowledge is revered. She has what it takes to coordinate all of our departments to provide the best service possible. This mother of four has the drive inspire all of us to put a little extra love into everything we do. Sandy said it best herself, “Family is everything to me. We are who we are and we are ever evolving.”


Becky is the head of the Water Gardening department and our Color department and brings much life to the work environment here. She has studied under the top retailers & suppliers, and her honest approach to problem solving really gets the best results. As our water gardening specialist, she has an incredible depth of knowledge about water circulation, fish health, & pond design, and will be sharing tips throughout the year to help solve problems before they start. On her off days she is attending to her indoor jungle of houseplants and creating a gardener’s paradise in her backyard.


Carl: The Bloomers’ team has different specialties depending on what you are looking for. If you need to find some happy shrubs to take home, Carl is just the guy to talk to. Carl has grown up in the plant world, so landscaping comes second nature to him. This hardworking character keeps himself busy as a bee. In his free time, Carl enjoys trips to the beach where he can look for shells and build sand castles.


Maria got her college degree in Business with her ultimate goal to work in Human Resources. But life had a different plan for Maria. Inspired by a friend that gardened, Maria grew to love the outdoors. In Boston, she worked on her apprenticeship and then started her own landscaping business. Years of working in nurseries, going to tree school, and graduating from UMass, Maria proves her expertise. Her interest in Bloomers’ came about when she discovered that we had a rare pepper that she could not find anywhere else. Soon after, she joined the Bloomer’s team and keeps everyone uplifted with her unmatched sense of humor. You have a question about herbs or perennials? You gotta ask Maria!


Shirley came here from New Zealand in 1971, making one of her first experiences to be seeing a blue jay fly into a weeping willow tree.  Filled with wonder she began looking at the natural world around her and was astonished at the variety of birds here. Shirley is the manager of our Bird Department and our expert on organics, whether composting, gardening, or removing pests.  So if you want to attract a specific type of bird, or keep those pesky squirrels away, stop in and ask for Shirley.


Jenny – The backbone of Bloomers’ and the queen of behind the scenes.  You might not see her much out front but you might hear her pick up the phone with a warm greeting for you when you give us a call. This wife and mother of three hunkers down and crunches the numbers. With a hard-earned Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and over 10 years of accounting experience, Jenny’s keen work ethic is commendable. In her free time, Jenny likes to relax by the pool, bike-ride, go bowling, or take in a good movie!


Gabby grew up gardening with her mom and has the smarts to prove it. On her off days, this ray of sunshine enjoys adventuring to waterfalls. While Gabby continues to pursue her Criminal Justice degree at Rutgers, she keeps all of us at ease with her composed yet chipper attitude. Gabby loves the family atmosphere with her coworkers and repeat customers. Check in and check out with Gabby next time you’re at our register.


Our Radio Show Co-Host Julio sets a standard for customer service that all of us here at Bloomers strive to meet. Julio is constantly reading books on garden design, following select experts in the field, traveling to regional botanical gardens, and sharing his botanical wisdom on our radio show and podcasts, Bloomers in the Garden. He will happily share that joy with you because he feels that “the outside is just as important as the inside” of your home as he spends much of his time tending to his own garden. So if you need to revamp your landscape, Julio is the person to seek out, for his big picture coordination of nursery, perennial, & annual plants is second to none.


Joe – Has diverse and in-depth knowledge of horticulture that shines through his years as an educator. This now retired teacher can tell you about everything in our nursery to help you personalize your garden. Ask him about landscaping, orchids or birds, and you’ll walk away knowing everything about them! Joe really knows his stuff. Wave down Joe if you have questions the next time you visit!