Calico 10-12” tall; purple, cream and green variegated leaves with glossy black fruit with Fruit

Chilly Chili 9-10” tall; fruit changes from yellow to orange and maturing to dark red with Fruit

Explosive Blast 16-20” tall; eye-catching colors from red to yellow to orange with Fruit

Explosive Ember 10” tall; distinctive purple leaf; red fruits with Fruit

Explosive Ignite 10” tall; thin green leaf, long narrow fruits in all colors with Fruit

Masquerade 10-12” tall; fruit turns purple to yellow to red with Fruit

Medusa 6-8” tall; fruit is upright in display of ivory, yellow, orange, & red fruit with Fruit

Red Missile 8-10” tall; tapered red fruit with Fruit

Salsa Orange 10-14” tall; dark green foliage, dwarf growth habit, ideal accent plant with orange fruit with Fruit

Salsa Red 10-14” tall; dark green foliage, dwarf growth habit, ideal accent plant with red fruit with Fruit

Salsa Yellow 10-14” tall; dark green foliage dwarf growth habit, ideal accent plant with yellow fruit

Sangria 10-12” tall; bright upturned peppers in bright shades of orange, red, crimson & purple with Fruit

Black Pearl 12-16” tall; leaves are pure black, the fruit matures from black to deep red with Fruit

Hot Purple Variegated 10-12” tall; pale green foliage splashed with white, fruit turns purple to red with Fruit

Full sun to part sun. Water when surface of the soil goes dry. Can be grown indoors too. Feed with liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks to keef foliage dark.

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