Calico 10-12” tall; purple, cream and green variegated leaves with glossy black fruit with Fruit Chilly Chili 9-10” tall; fruit changes from yellow to orange and maturing to dark red with Fruit Explosive Blast 16-20” tall; eye-catching colors from red to yellow to orange with Fruit Explosive Ember 10” tall; distinctive purple leaf; red fruits with Fruit Explosive Ignite 10” tall; thin green leaf, […]

Are You Out of Your Gourd?

If you love to grow vegetables, but find you can never eat all your garden yields, here’s an alternative to researching new recipes in anticipation of your millionth tomato. Grow some decorative gourds in place of a portion of your usual edible veggies. Decorative gourds have potential as centerpieces, serving bowls, storage containers, birdhouses, and […]

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