Why Planting in Summer Makes Sense!

1) Almost ALL plants grow the most during summer.
Trees, Shrubs, Perennials all put on the most root and foliage growth during the summer months. Therefore successfully establishing themselves in to your yard and landscape.

2) The selection of plants especially perennials is the widest during the summer! Hundreds of varieties like Coneflower, Hardy Hibiscus, Hollyhocks, Black Eyed Susan’s, Butterfly Bush, Hydrangeas, and more may only be available during the summer!

3) Planting time is often misunderstood. There are times you cannot remove plants OUT of the ground, but you can ALWAY put them in! There is rarely a time you cannot plant! Precaution should be taken when the ground is frozen. It can be frozen so hard you cannot backfill the hole properly. Clumps of soil ice cubes pressed around the root ball leave air pockets between chunks which can damage roots. Other than that You Can Plant Year Round!

4) Watering is essential but the use of soaker hoses and sprinklers make the job much easier. Time spent watering by hand, harmonizing with nature is relaxing. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. As long as you can water your plants regularly you will be successful!

5) Being outside gardening keeps you physically and mentally fit. It feeds the creative and nurturing side of our psyche and also gets you a good tan.

6) Planting also has a social aspect not often thought of. You meet your neighbors and find a feeling of community that is often missed in todays fast paced world.

Summer Planting, Don’t Miss it!

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