Meet the Staff

Sandy Martino – A New Jersey Certified Master Gardener, Sandy manages our Lawn Care, Grass Seed, Fertilizer, Pesticide, Furniture, Barbecue, Custom Decorating, and Seasonal Holiday Departments; she heads our associate training, customer service, and disease & insect diagnoses programs; she attends trade shows on a regular basis and often personally selects the unique products that Bloomers carries.  With over 13 years experience, it has been said that “Sandy is the glue that holds the Bloomers family together.”  From an early age she found she loved arts and crafts, and began drawing in her teen years.  As a young adult her skills developed through repurposing items around her home, and Bloomers has certainly benefitted from her talents.  If you have a question about nearly anything going on at Bloomers, Sandy is the one to ask, because in her words, “If I don’t know the answer, I will certainly find it!.”

Shirley Sperbeck – Shirley, aka Soleia, has been with Bloomers since 2012, and in that time she has shared her love and knowledge of nature with us all.  In 1971 she came to the United States from New Zealand, and one of her first experiences was seeing a blue jay fly into a weeping willow tree.  Filled with wonder she began looking at the natural world around her and was astonished at the variety of birds here in America.  Shirley is the manager of our Bird Department and our expert on organics, whether composting, gardening, or removing pests.  So if you want to attract a specific type of bird, or keep those pesky squirrels away, stop in and ask for Shirley.

Kara Weinberger – Kara began working at Bloomers in 2015, and manages our Annual Color, Greenhouse Plants, Seasonal Color, Pottery, and Statuary Departments.  As a child she worked with her dad in the garden and hasn’t stopped since.  Over 15 years as an amateur gardener, Kara learned with a hands-on approach and her training in the Army has been instrumental in keeping the hundreds of varieties of flowers we receive organized, and she is especially proud of their quality and in the appearance of her departments.  Do you have a houseplant that needs a bigger home?  Just ask Kara and she’ll make sure it’s replanted into an appropriate pot from one of the many we have in stock.  And if you no longer have the time or inclination to plant your pots and window boxes, Kara and her staff can do that, too.  They will work with you to create a unique arrangement of flowering annuals that will enhance your garden with vibrant beauty from spring through fall!

Donald Hinrichs – Donnie is in his first year as a department head here at Bloomers, and although you may have seen him here a few years back, he is now responsible for our Tree & Shrub, Perennial Flower, Pond, and Landscape Design departments, as well as scheduling all Bloomers’ Deliveries & Installations. In his own words, Donnie is a “hands in the mud kind of guy” and began learning his trade at the feet of his great grandfather. He has undergone continuous education for more than 15 years in order to maintain his high standards of expertise in plant maintenance, pest controls, and garden design. So stop in and ask for Donnie, and with just some basic measurements, a printed photo or two, and a couple questions, Donnie and his staff can help you pick the prefect plants that will help you bring your gardening ideas to life.

Stefanie Taylor – Stef has been with Bloomers for more than 9 years, and with her vast knowledge and confident manner she sometimes gets mistaken for her mother, Sandy. She has a great love of flowers, and when she’s not helping customers at the register you can usually find her in the greenhouse caring for them. Stef will tell you that Bloomers taught her everything she knows about lawn & plant care, home decor, and grilling (she just loves the new Traeger Timberlines!). So no matter what your questions about Bloomers’ products, Stef has the answer.

Gabriella De Lisi – Gabby is the youngest member of our Bloomers family and just graduated Washington Township High School this past June. Gabby learned about gardening from her mom, who recommended Bloomers as a good opportunity (listen to your parents, kids!), and Gabby loves the family atmosphere with her coworkers and repeat customers. In the past two years, she has learned quite a bit, so don’t hesitate to ask Gabby your questions, when you see her.

Julio Zamora – With more than 8 years under his belt, Julio sets a standard for customer service that all of us here at Bloomers strive to meet. Julio is constantly reading books on garden design, following select experts in the field, traveling to regional botanical gardens, and experimenting with many plants in his own yard in order to keep his extensive knowledge up to date. As you could probably guess, Julio loves being outside in his garden, and he will happily share that joy with you because he feels that “the outside is just as important as the inside” of your home. So if you need to revamp your landscape, Julio is the person to seek out, for his big picture coordination of nursery, perennial, & annual plants is second to none.