Humble, Helpful Toads – Bug Eating Garden Royalty

Garden toads are unobtrusive and beneficial garden residents. Toads that are native to your area, not someone’s exotic pet released into the wild, are a sure sign of a healthy ecosystem and do their share by consuming plant munching insects. A few steps on your part will ensure these hopping helpers are safe, happy and present […]

Growing Edibles in Containers

A trend that passes fad and goes straight to fabulous – fabulous
food that is!

This trend took a jump several years ago and is still growing…on decks, balconies and patios in every region! The desire to enjoy fresh food, with less space and time needed than for a  full-fledged garden, is a key reason this trend […]

Zucchini Trivia

Did you know…

Zucchini is fat free, cholesterol free, low in sodium, rich in manganese and vitamin C and has more potassium than a banana.
The largest zucchini weighed 65 pounds and was 7 feet 10 inches long
Zucchini were introduced to North America by Italian immigrants in the 1920’s
There are at least a half dozen Annual Zucchini Festivals […]

Garden of Repeatin’

A Paradise of Re-purposed Rescues

Recycling in the garden can be a trash-to-treasure happy ending for your storage space, the environment and your garden! Here is a sampling of creative ways in which potential discards can be used for containers, edging or fencing, labeling, supports and just plain
fun in the garden. […]

Grilling Up Garden Goodness

Herbs, veggies and grills are perfect summer partners! Just as in the kitchen, herbs and veggies team well with each other or with meat, poultry or fish, on the grill. […]

Gad Zukes! What Am I Going To Do With All These Zucchini!?!

By now your garden should be overflowing with a bounty of crops that you have been nurturing all summer long.  Along with your green beans and tomatoes, there is one crop that is ready to take over!  The seemingly innocent zucchini that was relatively quiet all season has now started producing so many little green monsters you’re not sure what to do.  You thought you had all of them picked last night. And then, when you return to the garden, they’re back!  With a vengeance!  It’s Attack of the Killer Zucchinis!!!! At first, your outlook is positive and optimistic.  You can make some zucchini bread and share a few with the neighbors.  But the zucchini just keeps coming. […]

Dandelion Delights

Foraging spring eats from beyond the garden

Odd as it may seem to the “weed police” of modern North American lawns, for hundreds of years Dandelions were – and still are -used for food and medicine throughout the world.  The leaves, blooms and roots all have value in the arena of healing and nutrition. The greens and flowers are seen as gourmet, not survival foods…. the French have a Cream of Dandelion soup! […]

Air Plants…easy, artsy, fun…for every level of gardener

Air Plants are funky, fun and trending right now! Air Plants (Tillandsia genus) live on air in the sense that they pull moisture and nutrients from the air through their leaves, rather than from soil. They do not possess true roots, but root-like structures that help them anchor to trees and rocks. Many have colored foliage or interesting blooms and often the leaves mature from green to red before flowering and then dying. […]

Reviving Your Lawn

After a long hot summer, your lawn that was once green and lush may have taken a bit of dive.   Don’t let that brown get you down.  Here are a few tips to get your lawn back to its original glory without having to start completely over.    Start by identifying what is doing the damage and then establish a plan to get your lawn back into tip top shape.
Insects and diseases can cause damage to the lawn.  Take a look at the grass as well as what is below the surface in the roots.   There may be treatments available to eradicate the pest or disease that is damaging your lawn. […]

Style & Substance: Gardens with a Deep Nurturing Purpose

Gardens have always been designed for beauty or sustenance, but in the past few decades garden styles that offer more focused nurturing of our planet and its inhabitants have become popular, and with good reason. These are garden styles that help support and nurture our ecosystem and us as its inhabitants. They take things beyond beautiful blooms, tasty tomatoes, and herbal infusions. […]