Why Planting in Summer Makes Sense!

1) Almost ALL plants grow the most during summer.
Trees, Shrubs, Perennials all put on the most root and foliage growth during the summer months. Therefore successfully establishing themselves in to your yard and landscape.

2) The selection of plants especially perennials is the widest during the summer! Hundreds of varieties like Coneflower, Hardy Hibiscus, Hollyhocks, Black […]

Exploring New Gardening Ideas

One of the best things about gardening is being able to experiment with new products, plants and methods. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just getting started, growing your plants using straw bales may be just what you’ve been looking for! Straw bale gardening is simple to start, a breeze to maintain and the results are magnificent. […]

That’s The Spirit!

Herb Infused and Inspired Beverages for the Adult Gardener

Picture yourself on the patio, enjoying the summer breeze and the company of friends as you sip on a cool, refreshing cocktail that you created with the herbs from your garden. Herb inspired cocktails as well as handcrafted infused liqueurs are gaining popularity and with good reason! They are simple to make and a joy to share! […]

Keeping Things Watered While on Vacation

Even if you don’t have the luxury of a personal gardener or volunteer plant sitter, leaving your gardens or containers to take a vacation doesn’t have to induce guilt and concern. A range of DIY or ready -made options are available to keep your green friends watered during your absence.

For Containers

DIY self-watering devices include upturned […]

Quick Tips for August

Deadhead – remove finished blooms from perennials to encourage more and tidy up, but don’t be afraid to leave a few of those that have visual interest or provide seed for birds.
Keep Harvesting- regular harvesting of herbs and vegetables ensure best flavor and fullest productivity
Preserve – can, freeze or dry the season’s bounty to enjoy […]

Herbs for Weight loss

Herbs are an inexpensive and easy to use assist for those looking to lose weight or just eat healthier. No, there’s nothing fat-melting or magical about them. They simply help one easily reduce fat and calorie intake by assuring food tastes great without heavy sauce or dressing. When sauces or dressing are still desired, they can be created by adding herbs to healthy choices such as olive oil, gourmet vinegar or Greek yogurt – which each have their own additional health and weight loss benefits. […]

Family Time Veggie Gardening

Getting started on a family veggie patch

If you’d love to gain some low-stress family time, fresh air and outdoor exercise – along with fresh, tasty food – consider growing a family veggie garden. It can also help the whole family build teamwork skills and provide a bit of education in math, science, nature, nutrition and even art – plant labels & scare crows! The biggest step is getting started…so here we go! […]

Small-Space Gardening Benefits & Tips

The ability to grow things, be they tasty, beautiful or both, is not limited those with a large yard or ample acreage! With sunlight and a bit of planning even a half foot of space -in a yard, on a window sill, or up a wall – can be “gardened”.

Fit the most into containers or […]

Rain Barrel Basics

The use of a rain barrel can help reduce pollution, improve water quality, conserve water, improve plant health and save money. […]

Grafted Tomatoes

Last year you may have seen larger, pricier tomato plants labeled as “Grafted”, at your local greenhouse and in catalogs. If not, you will certainly come across them this year, as they are a hot trend. So, what’s the scoop?

What? Grated tomato plants have the root system (root stock) of one variety melded to the […]