Family Time Veggie Gardening

Getting started on a family veggie patch

If you’d love to gain some low-stress family time, fresh air and outdoor exercise – along with fresh, tasty food – consider growing a family veggie garden. It can also help the whole family build teamwork skills and provide a bit of education in math, science, nature, nutrition and even art – plant labels & scare crows! The biggest step is getting started…so here we go! […]

Small-Space Gardening Benefits & Tips

The ability to grow things, be they tasty, beautiful or both, is not limited those with a large yard or ample acreage! With sunlight and a bit of planning even a half foot of space -in a yard, on a window sill, or up a wall – can be “gardened”.

Fit the most into containers or […]

Rain Barrel Basics

The use of a rain barrel can help reduce pollution, improve water quality, conserve water, improve plant health and save money. […]

Grafted Tomatoes

Last year you may have seen larger, pricier tomato plants labeled as “Grafted”, at your local greenhouse and in catalogs. If not, you will certainly come across them this year, as they are a hot trend. So, what’s the scoop?

What? Grated tomato plants have the root system (root stock) of one variety melded to the […]

Terrariums…A Trend to Get Inside Of!

Terrariums seem to cycle in and out of style every few decades, but are always enchanting. The current day terrarium trend fits perfectly with our desires to connect with nature and the “be green” joy of reusing and repurposing a variety of objects. They are also wonderful outlets for creativity and self-expression.

While the basic terrarium […]

Beneficial Mulches Assist with Chemical-Free Garden Health

Benefits of Mulching

Long before modern day use as a purely decorative element, mulch had an established history of benefitting plants, soil and gardeners. This is still its highest calling. A good layer of beneficial mulch can reduce stress on plants by regulating soil temperatures and reducing moisture loss and competition from weeds. In the veggie […]

Humble, Helpful Toads – Bug Eating Garden Royalty

Garden toads are unobtrusive and beneficial garden residents. Toads that are native to your area, not someone’s exotic pet released into the wild, are a sure sign of a healthy ecosystem and do their share by consuming plant munching insects. A few steps on your part will ensure these hopping helpers are safe, happy and present […]

Growing Edibles in Containers

A trend that passes fad and goes straight to fabulous – fabulous
food that is!

This trend took a jump several years ago and is still growing…on decks, balconies and patios in every region! The desire to enjoy fresh food, with less space and time needed than for a  full-fledged garden, is a key reason this trend […]

Zucchini Trivia

Did you know…

Zucchini is fat free, cholesterol free, low in sodium, rich in manganese and vitamin C and has more potassium than a banana.
The largest zucchini weighed 65 pounds and was 7 feet 10 inches long
Zucchini were introduced to North America by Italian immigrants in the 1920’s
There are at least a half dozen Annual Zucchini Festivals […]

Garden of Repeatin’

A Paradise of Re-purposed Rescues

Recycling in the garden can be a trash-to-treasure happy ending for your storage space, the environment and your garden! Here is a sampling of creative ways in which potential discards can be used for containers, edging or fencing, labeling, supports and just plain
fun in the garden. […]